VIOBA Welcome Note

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I am KC Kwek, Victorian 1980-1986. I am humbled to be called upon to serve as the President of VIOBA for 2013-2015. The current Management Committee is made up of Victorians of experience —having been in the VIOBA and the Committee for a number of terms— and younger Victorians who will bring energy and vigour. Also on board is YBhg. Dato Yusli Mohamed Yusoff, who has graciously agreed to continue as Patron.

The past Management Committees have worked hard on a number of issues and have laid the foundation for a stronger, more vibrant VIOBA. My colleagues on the MC and I intend to strive hard to ensure that we stay on course to build a resilient VIOBA, in particular the communications and networking amongst Victorians locally and abroad, VIOBA’s finances and activities. We will work on improving ties with the School and the Administration with the aim of strengthening the bonds between current pupils and old boys.

As always support from members and Victorians remain crucial and I look forward to receiving feedback on how we may improve VIOBA further for the benefit of all.


KC Kwek (