80th Annual General Meeting of the Victoria Institution Old Boys’ Association (VIOBA)



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the 80th Annual General Meeting of the Victoria Institution Old Boys’ Association (VIOBA) will be held at:-


Date : Sunday, 8.06.2014

Time : 9.00 a.m.

Location : VIOBA Clubhouse


The business to be considered at the Meeting is set out below:- 

  1. To ratify the holding of the 80th Annual General Meeting on 8.06.2014 and all ensuing proceedings;
  2. To confirm the 79th Annual General Meeting Minutes held on 25.08.2013;
  3. To receive the President’s Annual Report;
  4. To receive and adopt the Audited Accounts for year ending 31.12.2013;
  5. To transact any other business of which notice has been given. 


Dated 8th day of May 2014.


By Order of the Management Committee

Honorary Secretary

Speech Day 2014

The Speech Day (known as Majlis Anugerah Cermerlang these days) was held at the VI Hall (known as Dewan Warisan these days) on April 19, 2014. The guest of honour was Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz (Victorian 1961-1962). A whole host of students, parents, teachers and guests including old boys were gathered on a beautiful Saturday morning to welcome Tan Sri Rafidah to VI once again.

Tan Sri Rafidah looked resplendent in her all blue outfit (carefully chosen, I am sure) and was immediately ushered to be welcome officially to VI by inspecting the school cadet Guard of Honour and with the VICC band playing the welcome theme in the background.



Tribute to Dato' Jaffar Indot


I received sad news that eminent Victorian, Dato' Jaffar Indot passed away yesterday. This is indeed a sad day for Victorians and all of us who knew him. Dato' Jaffar was in VI from 1947-1951 where he completed his secondary education. In an interview with the Seladang he said the most important lesson he learned from his days in VI was honesty and integrity, and a strong belief in fairness and a high sense of values. Above all, to respect each other’s religious beliefs.


VI Rugby Premier 10s

It is a game for ruffians played by gentlemen……Come support the VI Team on April 5-6, 2014 at the VI Greens, entrance is FREE!


VI Rugby
Counting the days: (From left) Tournament director Mohd Fauzi Mohd Yusof, VIOBA & VIOBA Foundation representative Farizuddin Aman, VI Rugby Team chief adviser Abdul Azim Othman, Mohd Talha and VIOBA (Sports Governance ) Nik Sidek Nik Jaafar at the launch of the Victoria Institution Premier 10s 2014 rugby tournament.


A Life Member Honoured

I take the greatest pride and joy when I read the citation to honour a great man and life member of VIOBA, Datuk Mahadev Shankar recently.

Many Congratulations Datuk!



30th Anniversary of VI Batch 1984

VI Batch 1984 (Form Five) is having its 30th anniversary gathering on the 26th April 2014 at the VIOBA Clubhouse from 2-5pm. Over 30 guys have signed up, entrance fee of RM100 to be paid to the account of Azmi A. Rahim (Maybank 16468 7066 815). Please whatsapp/sms Azmi at 012 268 7060 once you have banked in to confirm receipt. Money will be used to cover food and limited edition souvenirs. Come, meet and touch base with your old classmates!


VIOBA Annual Dinner 2014


Our ref: VIOBA/Sec/Annual_Dinner_Competition2014

13th March, 2014

To all Victorians and Old Boys,


(1)  VIOBA ANNUAL DINNERS 2014-2018 Leading up to the 125TH ANNIVERSARY of the Victoria Institution

(2)  VIOBA Annual Dinner Competition 2014 – “Defining a VICTORIAN”


VIOBA Annual Dinner 2014

The VIOBA Annual Dinner 2014 is scheduled for:-

Date  :  Saturday, 23rd August 2014

Time  :  7:00 pm

Venue  :  Royale Chulan Hotel, Mutiara Damansara

Attire  :  Formal

Price  :  Please see the list of the Packages and Table Prices set out in the Appendix.

The VIOBA Management Committee for 2013/2015 intends to honour the concept of what is a Victorian and the Victorians who have contributed to the success of the School over a 5 year period as set out below.

In this 5 year plan, the VIOBA Annual Dinners 2014-2018 will celebrate, among others, Victorian Sportsmen, Victorian Scholars and Victorian Corporate Figures. This will culminate in the celebration of the “Victorian: Gentleman, Scholar & Sportsman” and the 125th Anniversary of VI at the VIOBA Annual Dinner 2018.

VIOBA vs St. John's Old Boys Hockey Match

Hi Everyone, there will be a hockey match between the VIOBA and the St. John's old boys teams at the KLHA Stadium Lembah Pantai, KL on Thursday 13 Feb at 8.30pm. Come support the VIOBA team as we need to win this and the next match to be the top 2 teams in Division 3 and qualify for the finals. The immediate past President, Amrul Zeflin has promised to score a few goals and will throw us a party later! And yes Victorians, admission is FREE! Come one come ALL!

Oh when the blues, oh when the blues go marching in........
Best Regards,
KC Kwek

Gangsterism in VI

There is a letter to the Editor published in the Star today, February 4, 2014 written by the PTA Yang Di Pertua, Datuk Dr. Nik Zamri Majid relating to gangsterism in VI.
Let me be clear here. VIOBA does not condone such acts of indiscipline and condemns in the strongest manner possible, the behavior of such students. They bring shame to the school and all of us who are proud to be Victorians.
I wish to reiterate VIOBA’s support to the school and PTA in doing what is necessary to protect the good name of the Victoria Institution and the safety of our fellow Victorians.
KC Kwek
2013 - 2015

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