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Clubhouse Facilities

  • Food & Beverages Meeting Rooms (available for rental)
  • Banquet (available for rental)
  • *Swimming Pool
  • Darts
  • Home Theater
  • Table Tennis
  • School Field
  • Badminton Court
  • Basketball Court

*The VI pool is available exclusively for members and their immediate families every Saturday from 2.00pm to 5.45pm. Kindly produce your membership cards.


VIOBA Foundation Fund

F.C. Arulanandom Memorial

Ganga Singh Memorial

Lye Chin Loy Memorial

Yap Soon Onn Fund

R.S. McCoy Fund

Mrs. Chan Kwi Choon Memorial

Fam Chew & Madam S.K. Khoo Fund

Dato’ Siew Nim Chee Fund

Mr. & Mrs. Yap Kon Choon Fund

Mdm. Yeo Chin Tee Memorial

Bennett Eyre Shaw Memorial

Mr. Siew Khai Wye Memorial

Richard Pavee Memorial

Ahmad Indot family Fund

Dato’ Tan Chin Nam Fund

Fujitsu System Business (M) Sdn Bhd Fund

Hj. Mohd Ali Taib Memorial

Lee Kuan Yew Memorial

Puan Sri Sapura Fund

Datin Lim Cheng Yoke Fund

Tun Ismail Ali Memorial

Yeoh Tiong Lay Fund

Yuson Loo Memorial

Zain Azaz Memorial

Paul Ratchaga Memorial

Dato’ Mohd Tahir B.H.A. Manan Fund

Dato’ Mustafa Scholarship

Mr. S. Robert Memorial

Mr. H.F.G. Leembruggen Memorial

Mr. S Kula Singam Fund

Mr. Yoong Wah Pin Scholarship

A.Abishegam Family Fund

Special Donation Fund

Hashim Mohd. Yusof Memorial Fund

Rafique Sports Fund

Nilwan / Myra Fund

Yong Sui Peng Fund

Probalance Sdn Bhd Scholarship Fund

Mr. Ganapathy s/o Parasurama Iyer Fund

Mrs. Ganapathy Siew Kat Lan Memorial Fund

Gan Song Chee’s Sixth Form Scholarship Fund

Jaffar Ali and Family Scholarship Fund

Dato’ Mahmood Ambak Scholarship Fund

Dato’ Seri Rafidah Aziz Scholarship Fund

George Yap Scholarship Fund

Hajah Norliah Haji Nasir Scholarship Fund


The VIOBA was founded. The principal objective in founding the VIOBA was to render assistance to the needy pupils of the schools. It was felt that no VI student should be unable to pursue his or her studies diligently because of want. The objective is valid until today. The VIOBA was also founded with the premise that there should be an association for ex-students where they can maintain the VI Spirit. The first clubhouse was located in a shop lot at 17 Rodger Street. The spacious building was provided by towkay Yap Fatt Yew, who incidentally was not an old boy.

Efforts were made to construct a suitable building inside the school compound. The sub-committee headed by Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, faced an uphill task to gain the necessary permission and funding.

HRH the Sultan of Selangor laid the foundation of the clubhouse on 30th July at 5:15pm.

The Clubhouse was officially opened on 11th April by the HRH the Sultan of Selangor.

The VIOBA Foundation was set up to provide assistance in the form of scholarships, loans and grants. The VIOBA Foundation is the only organisation in Malaysia which generates its own Fund to award financial assistance to deserving students and to provide financial support to the school.

VIOBA celebrates 100 years of Victoria Institution.

VIOBA celebrates its 75th annivesary.

The VIOBA Foundation under the guidance of Dato’ Jaffar Indot, restores the VI Clock tower. The VIOBA official website is launched to welcome the new millennium.

Distinguished Donors

HRH Sultan of Brunei
Y.Bhg Dato’ Siew Nim Chee
Y.Bhg Tan Sri Shamsudin Kadir
Y.Bhg Dato’ Jaafar Indot
Y.Bhg Dato’ Mustafa Ali
Y.Bhg Dato’ Azlan Hashim
Y.Bhg Dato’ Farid Ridhwan
Mr.Razman Shamsuddin
Tuan Hj. Zakaria Yahaya
Mr.Yap Yee Voon
Mr.Wan Shukri Wan Ariffin
Mr James Ng
Gen. (R) Y.Bhg Tan Sri Mohd Ghazali Seth
Y.Bhg Dato’ Dina Rezal
Dato’ Yusli Mohamed Yusoff  

VIOBA 2009/2010 Management Committee

Mr. Amrul Zeflin Anim


Vice President
Mr. Praba Ganesan


Hon. Secretary
Mr. Ainol Akbar Dato’ Yasin


Asst. Hon. Secretary
Mr. Mohd Rashdan Abd Rashid


Hon. Treasurer
Mr. Sureson Krisnasamy


Asst. Hon. Treasurer
Mr. Allan Foo


Committee Members
Ms. Rassa Ramli
Mr. Puvanesan Subenthiran
Mr. Azam Abdul Aziz
Mr. Christopher Lim
Mr. Mohd Mokhtaruddin Bain
Mr. Megat Azim Jamil bin Abdul Jalil
Mr. Zainordin Sulaiman


Executive Secretary


Hon. Auditors
Mr. Azhar Abdullah
Mr. Briyan Lembang Hashim


Disciplinary Committee
Y.Bhg. Dato’ Jaafar Indot
Y.Bhg. Dato’ Yusli Mohamed Yusoff
Mr. Razman Shamsuddin

Presidents of VIOBA

  • 1922 ~ 1925 Chan Sze Kiong
  • 1926 ~ 1934 K.T. Ganapathy Pillay, J.P.
  • 1935 R. Thampipillay, I.S.M.
  • 1936 ~ 1939 Dr. Teh Yoke Chee, M.B.B.S. (Hong Kong)
  • 1940 ~ 1948 Dr. M.A. Gabriel, I.M. (Dublin), J.P.
  • 1949 M.N. Cumarasami
  • 1950 ~ 1956 T. Rajendra, J.P.
  • 1957 ~ 1961 S. Robert
  • 1963 ~ 1965 Lee Kuan Yew, J.M.N.
  • 1966 Tan Chin Guan
  • 1967 Mustafa Mohd. Ali
  • 1968 ~ 1979 S. Robert, A.M.N.
  • 1980 ~ 1982 Lim Chooi Tee
  • 1983 ~ 1984 Khong Kim Lyew
  • 1984 ~ 1986 Lee Kuan Yew, J.M.N.
  • 1986 ~ 1988 Chiam Tow Loon, Patrick
  • 1988 ~ 1989 Low Gak Chye, Larry
  • 1989 ~ 1994 Dato’ Siew Nim Chee
  • 1994 ~ 1995 Tan Sri Dato’ Shamsuddin Abdul Kadir
  • 1995 ~ 1999 Dato’ Mustafa Mohd. Ali
  • 2000 ~ 2009 Dato’ Yusli Mohamed Yusoff
  • 2009 ~ 2013  Amrul Zeflin Anim 
  • 2013 ~ 2017 KC Kwek
  • 2017 ~ 2019 Khairuzzaman Bin Muhammad
  • 2019 ~ Present K. Ganes