VIOBA Raya 2016


On behalf of the Management Committee, may I take this opportunity to wish all Muslim members of VIOBA and Victorians a “Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin” and Happy Holidays to everyone!. May the light of Syawal bless all of us and our loved ones with joy, good health and prosperity. Be safe, drive safe and enjoy your celebrations and holidays!

Best wishes,

KC Kwek – President

VIOBA Ramadhan 2016


Once more Ramadhan is around the corner….it would appear as I get older, time flies past in a blur. On behalf of the VIOBA Management Committee, I would like to wish all Muslims VIOBA Members and Victorians “Selamat Menjalankan Ibadah Puasa”.

I remember my Boss telling me once that he works and plays hard all year round but during Ramadhan he is reminded that life is not just about work and play, there must be a happy balance in the spiritual life as well. I like that part of the message and I would humbly submit that we must achieve a good balance all year round rather than just for one month. There is after all, more to life than just work and play!

Best wishes everyone…

KC Kwek  – President

VIOBA Foundation Notice of AGM 2016




NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that 49th ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the V.I.O.B.A. Foundation will be held at the VIOBA Clubhouse on Sunday, 29th May, 2016 at 11.00 a.m.


  1. Chairman’s opening speech.
  2. To confirm the 48th AGM minutes held on Sunday, 23rd August, 2015.
  3. To receive the Chairman’s Annual Report 2015/2016.
  4. To receive and adopt the Audited Accounts FYE 31st December 2015.
  5. To appoint the External Auditors for the year 2016.
  6. To appoint the Legal Advisors for the year 2016/2017.
  7. To consider any other business of which at least seven (7) days of notice has been given to the Honorary Secretary of the V.I.O.B.A. Foundation.

12th May 2016

By Order of the Board of the V.I.O.B.A. Foundation

VIOBA Foundation Honorary Secretary


  1. VIOBA Foundation AGM 2016 Invitation Letter
  2. VIOBA Foundation Audited Accounts 31.12.2015

VIOBA Notice of AGM 2016


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the 82nd Annual General Meeting of the Victoria Institution Old Boys’ Association (VIOBA) will be held on:-

Date : Sunday, 29.05.2016
Time : 9.30 a.m.
Location : VIOBA Clubhouse

The business to be considered at the Meeting is set out below:-

1. To confirm the 81st Annual General Meeting Minutes held on 23.08.2015;
2. To receive the President’s Annual Report;
3. To receive and adopt the Audited Accounts for year ending 31.12.2015;
4. To transact any other business of which notice has been given.

Dated 12th day of May 2016.

By Order of the Management Committee
VIOBA Honorary Secretary


  1. VIOBA AGM 2016 Invitation Letter
  2. VIOBA Audited Accounts 31.12.2015

VIOBA Chinese New Year Message 2016


On behalf of the Management Committee, I would like to wish members and all Victorians a very Happy Chinese New Year. This year of the Red Fire Monkey promises to be an interesting one for all of us. We started the year with the Daniel Shield Games with the old boys narrowly beating the present boys 3-2, winning in football, water-polo and basketball while the present boys won in rugby and table tennis. This was followed by a luncheon at the school hall and graced by the presence of Tan Sri M. Jegathesan and Dato Dr. RS McCoy.

Up next is the Mokhtar Dahari Challenge on March 12, limited to 12 teams in 3 categories. An overseas VIOBA Golf Tournament is planned for mid-April while the AGM will be held on May 29th, subject to all our audited accounts and reports being in order. We will have our Annual Dinner planned for August 6, 2016 to be held at the Royal Selangor Club at Dataran Merdeka. We will honour Victorians for their services to the Nation. Tables are limited so get them while you can.

I wish everyone a “Gong Xi Fa Cai”, may the Red Fire Monkey bring all of us good health, prosperity and more importantly joy and peace of mind all year round! Happy holidays and safe travels everyone!

Warmest Regards,

KC Kwek – President

VIOBA Annual Dinner 2016

vi annual dinner 2015

Dear Victorians,

Come celebrate the 123rd anniversary of our beloved Alma Mater.
This year we will be honouring our Prominent Victorians who have served and contributed to our nation.

Time : 7.30 PM ONWARDS
Venue : Ballroom, Royal Selangor Club,
Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur

Table Prices:
GOLD : RM 5,000.00 / Table (10 pax) – 3 TABLES AVAILABLE
SILVER : RM 3,000.00 / Table (10 pax) – 5 TABLES AVAILABLE
BRONZE : RM 1,800.00 / Table (10 pax) – 20 TABLES AVAILABLE

** Early Bird Discount for Bronze Tables – RM 1,500.00 / Table

Please contact the VIOBA secretary Mr. Vince Chong via e-mail at for further enquiries and to reserve your tickets.

Keep Watching This Space for Further Updates.


Warmest Regards,

KC Kwek – President

“My Classroom” Enhancement Project

In the VIOBA annual dinner held at the VI Quadrangle on 31st May 2015, VIOBA encouraged old Victorians to adopt their classroom as part of an enhancement scheme to ensure a viable learning environment for our current Victorians. From a sum RM20,000 per classroom for the dinner, a major part of the fund will be used to paint and repair and furnish the class with new tables and chairs.

Mr. Ruben Gnanalingam was the first to offer his support for the project and adopted his 5 Arts (then) classroom. The room was in abject condition with a badly leaking roof and water stains all over the ceiling. The school managed to obtain funds to repair the roof and VIOBA was allowed access to paint and repair the room in the school term holidays.

Condition before


The first challenge was getting someone willing to do the job. We managed to find a contractor willing to take time off from his present work to spend a week to paint and repair broken ceiling boards and window panes. The room was painted the VI colours and the doors given a fresh coat of paint.

VIOBA then ordered new furniture, consisting 40 tables and chairs for the students and 1 set of teacher’s table and chair, which was delivered in late December 2015. The newly enhanced classroom was then handed over to the Headmaster on December 30th in time for the new school term of 2016.

Condition after


The amounts spent was RM8,000 for the furniture and about RM5,000 to RM7,000 for the painting and repair work (depending on actual condition of classroom). VIOBA invites more participation for these projects and hope that Victorians will step forward to assist our alma mater. For further information, please contact VIOBA or me. Thank you to Mr. Ruben Gnanalingam for his continuous support towards VIOBA and VI. Happy New Year!

Warmest Regards,

KC Kwek – President

Year End Message 2015

viig_viobaclubhouseOnce again we have reached that time of the year when we look back at the year’s events and cast a thought into what 2016 will bring. For all of us at VIOBA it is no different, we have had a very interesting year in term of events….our biggest was the Annual Dinner held in the VI Quadrangle with a special Tattoo performance by the VICC Infantry and Band and graced by then Minister of Education II, Dato Seri Idris Jusoh. We also took the opportunity to honour our Victorian Sports Personalities. Award winners were Tan Sri. M Jegathesan, Datuk Sieh Kok Chi, Dato Mokhtar Dahari (posthumously) and Rashid Sidek.

The AGM this year saw elections at the VIOBA and the Foundation. A new team was elected to serve VIOBA Foundation until 2017, while a number of the Management Committee members were retained to serve at VIOBA including yours truly. The name change resolution was firmly rejected by members and we remain an old boys’ association. We at VIOBA look forward to working closely with the new Board of the Foundation and the school to move collaborative programs forward.

For the coming year, there will be the traditional events such as the Daniel Shield Games (January 23, 2016) Mokhtar Dahari Challenge (March 12, 2016) and the VIOBA Golf Tournament, to be scheduled in mid April over a weekend in an overseas location. There are plans for an Annual Dinner, honouring our Victorian for Services to the Nation and celebrating the 123rd anniversary of the VI.

We have received much more support from members as well as the school but much remains to be done. As always I seek new ideas and proposals to see how we can serve members and Victorians better so do get in touch with me.

As always towards the year end, many of us will be traveling for our holidays and I wish everyone a very good and safe holidays, have a most excellent Christmas and on behalf of the Management Committee, best wishes for the year ahead, may all your dreams be achieved! Happy New Year!

Warmest Regards,

KC Kwek – President