VIOBA Annual Dinner 2015 Special Edition Tattoo

Many thanks to everyone for a full hearted support towards the dinner and tattoo performance. I am pleased to say that we have met our objectives for the event; we have had a very important Guest of Honour, YB Dato Seri Idris Jusoh, the Minister of Education II pledging his support towards VI and VIOBA. The Ministry will look into ways to repair the school infrastructure which is urgently needed. Secondly many guests were astounded by the polished performance of the VICC Band and Infantry and most have written to me saying how much they appreciated the opportunity to return to VI and see our Victorians in action!

There were shortcomings in the event and I take full responsibility and apologise for mistakes and errors. Thank you again to the Bandsmen, the Infantry, the teachers and parents for their hard work and dedication. You have shown that the current Victorians match with the old ones!

A report is attached below for your reading pleasure.

Warmest Regards,

KC Kwek – President



VI Premier 10 Rugby Tournament 2015 (11th to 12th April 2015)

The details are as below:

1. Total of 18 schools and clubs participating in the tournament. 

2. Two categories of U17 and U15 with 16 team for each category. 

3. There are 8 premier schools play in the invitational category divided into 2 groups. Introductionary tournament for the old boys.

4. Every categories will compete for CUP, PLATE, BOWL, SHIELD and SPOON division

5. We also introduce new Challenge Cup known as Dr G E D Lewis Cup. Name after VI Head Master who introduced Rugby in VI.


7. It is a two days tournament from 11th to 12th April 2015.

8. There will be a hospitality tent on 12th April meant for Old Boys to watch the match while having some finger foods. 

9. Among VIPs who promise to come are the KL Mayor, KP of DBKL and KL rugby President.


VIOBA – Admin

Mokhtar Dahari Challenge (MDC) is BACK!!!

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This year’s MDC is the biggest ever!!! Congrats to everyone especially the Organising Committee and the participants who will once again head towards the VI Green on March 21, starting at 8.30am. We have in total 48 teams participating; they are as follows:

  1. 2013
  2. 2009 x 2
  3. 2008 x 2
  4. 2007 x 2
  5. 2006
  6. 2005 x 2
  7. 2004 x 2
  8. 2003 x 2
  1. 1. 2002
  2. 2001 x 2
  3. 2000
  4. 1999 x 2
  5. 1998
  6. 1997 x 3
  7. 1996 x 2
  8. 1995 x 2
  9. 1994 x 2
  10. 1993 x 2


  1. 1980
  2. 1981
  3. 1982
  4. 1983
  5. 1984
  6. 1985
  7. 1986 x 2
  8. 1987
  9. 1988 x 2
  10. 1989
  11. 1990
  12. 1991


Come and support your batch! VIOBA will be selling our Annual Dinner tickets at a special price so grab it while it lasts! See you in VI.


Warmest Regards,

KC Kwek – President





Chinese New Year 2015 Message

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Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Holidays to all members and Victorians! May the Year of the Goat bring all of us great joy, wealth and health all year round. VIOBA has hit the ground running in 2015 with the launch of the Victorious Newsletter (available for download at the VIOBA Facebook page) and the Board of Governors’ Luncheon held on January 17, 2015 at the newly opened Victorious Café at the Clubhouse. 

We will have a number of activities planned for 2015, which includes the annual Mokhtar Dahari Challenge on March 21, 2015 followed by the Annual Dinner and Tattoo performance to be held at the Quadrangle in VI on May 30, 2015. VIOBA is also planning for our Annual General Meeting on June 14.

More details will be available shortly on the dinner and Tattoo performance. On behalf of the Management Committee, I wish all of you a very happy Chinese New Year and Happy Holidays! Safe travels everyone.

Warmest Regards,

KC Kwek – President


Annual Board of Governors’ Lunch 2015

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This year, the Luncheon coincides with the opening of Victorious Cafe; a new cafe operating at the VIOBA Clubhouse. Victorious has taken the arduous task of refurbishing the Clubhouse, adding a new layer of paint, cleaning the Clubhouse and bringing a fresh and modern feel to the historical building. The results are in the pictures below and speaks volumes of the effort put in by Victorious team. The food, as the pictures will also show you, will satisfy many a Victorian looking for a quick bite to eat whether dinner or lunch. 

The BOG Luncheon was held on Saturday, 17.01.2015 and was attended by luminaries such as Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz, Tan Sri M Jegathesan, Dato’ Ronald McCoy, Datin Nawal of JPWP; to name only but a few. 

After the opening remarks by the President, Mr KC Kwek, lunch was served. Lunch consisted of Briyani, Ayam Masak Merah, Beef Rendang, Vegetables, various snacks and bites, coffee, tea, and juices. During the Opening Remarks, the President listed out the events for the remaining term; event of which were scribbled on the side-white-boards of which pictures are below. Do take note of the dates and the events there! 

The Victorious Cafe was officiated by Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz who had graciously penned her name in the officiating block. Tan Sri Rafidah gave a rousing speech imploring and urging all stakeholders to ensure high levels of education, English language and further shared various anecdotes of her time in the School and in the Ministry. Her words were motivational, inspirational, humourous and had hints of a challenge which the crowd responded with a rousing cheer. 

To finish off the day, the stage was open for Karaoke; to which Tan Sri Rafidah, in an amazing show of showmanship, sang to the Victorians after confessing that she is tone deaf. Nevertheless, to this writer at least (who cannot hold a tune to save his life), Tan Sri’s courage in standing on a stage to sing was nothing short of amazing making this writer wish he had the same courage to do so! 

The Luncheon ended, in typical Victorian fashion, after many many long goodbyes and handshakes and with the exchange of contact details, pictures and name cards. 

The BOG, and especially VIOBA in particular wishes to thank Victorious Cafe for preparing the delicious spread of food, the team who organised the event, the School, Victorians and the guests of honour for taking the time off to attend the Luncheon and to make merry at the new, and improved VIOBA Clubhouse. 



Year End Message 2014

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We all have the tendency to review events, achievements and perhaps to think of lost opportunities and what the New Year would bring. At VIOBA we look back to a reasonably good year and look forward to new challenges in 2015. We are issuing a newsletter called Victorious available now in electronic format, feel free to share it with other Victorians. Our relationship with the school is improving. We are now able to use certain school facilities and we are next planning for members to use the swimming pool on weekends. In return we will have to help with the revival of the Swimming and Life Savers Club. Please get in touch if you have ideas on this.

We had a very good Annual Dinner where we honoured our Victorian Scholars and Educators graced by our VIP, Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz. For the coming year, there will be the traditional events such as the Mokhtar Dahari Challenge (March 21, 2015) and for a change, an annual dinner cum Tattoo in VI itself (May 23, 2015) and our AGM (June 14, 2015). The dinner cum Tattoo is expected to be a hot seller and we will begin to sell tables and seats from February onwards once we finalise the packages. We shall also be honouring our Victorian Sports Personalities during this dinner.

The AGM will also be an election year for office bearers and we will table a proposal for a name change for VIOBA to reflect a gender friendly association, for example the Victorian Alumni. We welcome suggestions for other names to be considered. I wish to thank everyone at the Management Committee and all who have supported us and continue to spur us on to lead VIOBA. Your support and encouragement help us do a better job. I also encourage more members to answer the call to serve VIOBA, your participation will ensure a stronger association.

As always towards the year end, many of us will be traveling for our holidays and I wish everyone a very good and safe holidays, have a most excellent Christmas and on behalf of the Management Committee, best wishes for the year ahead, may all your dreams be achieved! Happy New Year!


Warmest Regards,

KC Kwek – President


Raja Kumaran’s Profile – Speaker for “GST is coming: What you doing?”


  • Executive Director
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers Taxation Services Sdn. Bhd.
  • Tel: +(603) 2173 1701
  • Email:

Raja has 34 years of indirect taxation experience having previously served as a senior officer with the Customs Department.

He was part of the MOF/Customs Sales and Services Tax (SST) team responsible for drafting the SST law in early 90s.

He was also part of the delegation which visited the UK, Netherlands and Singapore to study issues on the implementation of GST/VAT in those countries.

Raja has extensive knowledge on customs administration, import/export procedures, classifications, valuation, licensing, compliance and is well versed with the Customs Act, Excise Act, Service Tax Act, Sales Tax Act, the Countervailing and Anti Dumping Act, the ASEAN Preferential Trading Arrangements (PTA) and the Common Effective Preferential Tariff (CEPT) Scheme.

He has worked with local and multinational clients from various industries including gaming, automotive, telecommunications, manufacturing, trading, property development, oil and gas and information technology.

In addition, he is a key GST adviser to a financial services regulatory authority.

Raja is currently the Convener of the Trade Facilitation Sub-Committee for the Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MICCI).




Daniel Shield Games 2014

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The event was held on Saturday 18 October starting at 9.30am. As always the senior Victorians once again marched into the school with the objective to met the present boys and do their best to win the matches.This year the following games were played and the results are as follows:

Game Old Boys Present Boys
Football 3 2
Rugby (10 a side) 21 27
Water Polo 11 6
Basketball 58 44
Table Tennis 2 1
Total 4 1

Former national footballer and Victorian Batch ‘86, Shahrin Majid was in attendance and he said in his speech that Victorians must always do their utmost in their endeavours, never give up and must learn from the seniors. The Daniel Shield Games’ objective is to allow the schoolboys to share a common bond with their seniors and to have some interaction with them playing sports. He later gave away prizes to all participants and the Daniel Shield the VI Old Boys who retained the trophy once again. 


VIOBA thanks the organizing committee, the school and all participants for their efforts.


Warmest Regards,

KC Kwek – President