GST is coming: What you doing?

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VIOBA Speaker Series

Title : GST is coming: What you doing?

Time & Date : 10.30 -11.30 am Saturday 22 November 2014 

Location : VIOBA Clubhouse 

Speaker : PricewaterhouseCoopers GST expert

Focus : The talk will leans towards SMEs and then discuss how all Victorians can beat the taxman and maximise their Ringgit on a company and individual level.  

Please register your interest to now as seats are limited. Members get priority!


Warmest Regards,

KC Kwek – President


Happy Deepavali 2014

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On behalf of the Management Committee, I wish all our Hindu friends and Victorians a very Happy Deepavali and a very good holiday.

Enjoy, have fun and take care!


KC Kwek – President

Selamat Hari Raya AIDILFITRI 2014

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On behalf of the Management Committee, I take this opportunity to wish all Muslims members and Victorians,Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri. It is a time to be thankful for what we have, and spend some time with family and friends.

For those traveling during the holidays, take extra precautions and travel safe. VIOBA will be back in full-swing preparing for our Annual Dinner to be held on the 23rd August after the holidays.

Enjoy yourselves!

KC Kwek – President

VIOBA & VIOBA Foundation AGM 2014 Report

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Report of the Annual General Meetings of

Victoria Institution Old Boys’ Association (VIOBA) and VIOBA Foundation


8th June 2014


The meeting started at 10am when the quorum was reached. 40 members attended the meeting, a number that was lower than normal as there was no elections for the committee this year as the term for the committee is now 2 years.

The meeting started with a minute’s silence to commemorate Victorians and members who have passed away since the last AGM, notable members include the late Dato’ Jaffar Indot and also Dr. Laporte Khoo.

Minutes of the previous meeting were read out and followed by the President’s Report on the activities held during the year. Events include the Annual Golf Tournament, Daniel Shield Games, Board of Governors’ Luncheon and the Mokhtar Dahari Challenge. The President also reported on outstanding matters such as the land lease and fund-raising.

The Annual Dinner with the theme to “Honour our Victorian Educators and Scholars” will be held on the 23rd August 2014 at the Royale Chulan Mutiara Damansara. Tables are still available for sale.

The Treasurer reported then on the income and expenses for the year. VIOBA is grateful to Tan Sri Francis Yeah for his continuing support of RM100,000 towards the operation needs of VIOBA. Without this donation, VIOBA will not be able to fund its activities.

Finally in the Open Forum, remarks were made by senior members that it is time to consider a VIOBA name change to be less gender specific. It was noted that it shall be a resolution to be tabled and voted on in the next AGM. The land lease issue was also raised and members asked the committee to resolve it expeditiously with the minimum lease renewal payment.

There being no other matters, the meeting was adjourned at 11.15am.


The AGM of the VIOBA Foundation then started at 11.30am. The quorum required to carry out the businesses of the day was 40 as changes to the Constitution were to be tabled. The Secretary confirmed that the quorum was met. The Chairman of the VIOBA Foundation welcome everyone to the meeting and requested the confirmation of the minutes. Subject to the changes requested by Mr. Patrick Chiam, the minutes were approved.

Amendments to the Constitution were then tabled, amongst which was the change of Board members’ tenure from a year to 2 years. The amendments were approved and adopted by the meeting.

Farizuddin then gave his report for the year including how funds were disbursed towards the students and the school. In the Treasurer’s report a number of items were raised by the members including how the funds utilisation should be towards the students and school rather than operations of the Foundation. Another item noted was the need to redistribute the interest proceeds towards each of the funds set up. The meeting proposed that the next Foundation Board shall ensure that the accounting treatment of the balance sheet items be discussed to ensure appropriate capture of information.

There was a need to increase the size of the fund and to promote the Foundation to members and Victorians in general, as such dissemination of information is crucial to the success of the Foundation.

The election of the VIOBA Foundation 2014-2015 was then held and the following are the new Board members:



Farizuddin Bin Aman



Ahmad Termidi Bin Ali



Akram Bin Mohamad



Nik Mohd Sidek Bin Nik Jaffar



Abdul Razif Bin Abdul Aziz

Ainol Akbar Bin Mohd Yasin

Ahmad Nazri Bin Mohd Noor

Raja A/L A. Siva Perumal

Mohd Irwan Rizal Bin Mohd Ali Napiah

Joo Yong Chin



Kwek Keng Chye (VIOBA President)

Vince Chong Khin Young (VIOBA Honorary Secretary)


The meeting congratulated the newly elected office bearers and with a motion of thanks to all members, the meeting was adjourned at 12.30pm.



Mohktar Dahari Challenge (MDC) 2014

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It was a gloomy Saturday morning as Victorians gathered at the VI Greens on May 17, 2014 for the biggest edition of the Mokhtar Dahari Challenge Trophy with 39 teams from across the batches. The most senior was 1980 while the most junior was 2008. Together with their supporters and friends, over 500 Victorians of all years came back to school for the ultimate bragging rights of being MDC Champions for the year!


By the time the first game started, a steady drizzle turned into a downpour. It did not have any effect on the players or supporters, in fact, it became even more interesting as the field became slick in cleaner patches with other parts being waterlogged. The field conditions really separated the fit from the unfit, the regulars of football from the once a year players. By lunchtime, when the qualifying rounds were over, only the best prepared were left. There was a carnival atmosphere throughout the day, with many batches bringing in their own party food, there was even a whole barbeque lamb!

At the end of the day, the winners stood out. They all played as a team, supported one another, had the right strategy and national players. How to lose when you have a former national player la, malu man! 

The honour rolls this year:

OPEN CATEGORY Champions: 2005, Runners-up : 2008, Third : 2007B


MASTERS CATEGORY Champions: 1997A, Runners-up: 2001B, Third: 1997B


VETERAN CATEGORY Champions: 1986, Runners-up: 1990, Third: 1988


A dedication to the best player from the Veteran’s team, Shahrin Majid (Victorian 1986). Well done to everyone who participated and thank you to all sponsors and Organizing Committee capably led by Khairi Shah and VIOBA Sports Committee, Nik Sidek.


80th Annual General Meeting of the Victoria Institution Old Boys’ Association (VIOBA)


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the 80th Annual General Meeting of the Victoria Institution Old Boys’ Association (VIOBA) will be held at:-


Date : Sunday, 8.06.2014

Time : 9.00 a.m.

Location : VIOBA Clubhouse


The business to be considered at the Meeting is set out below:-

  1. To ratify the holding of the 80th Annual General Meeting on 8.06.2014 and all ensuing proceedings;
  2. To confirm the 79th Annual General Meeting Minutes held on 25.08.2013;
  3. To receive the President’s Annual Report;
  4. To receive and adopt the Audited Accounts for year ending 31.12.2013;
  5. To transact any other business of which notice has been given.

Dated 8th day of May 2014.


By Order of the Management Committee

Honorary Secretary

Speech Day 2014

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The Speech Day (known as Majlis Anugerah Cermerlang these days) was held at the VI Hall (known as Dewan Warisan these days) on April 19, 2014. The guest of honour was Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz (Victorian 1961-1962). A whole host of students, parents, teachers and guests including old boys were gathered on a beautiful Saturday morning to welcome Tan Sri Rafidah to VI once again.

Tan Sri Rafidah looked resplendent in her all blue outfit (carefully chosen, I am sure) and was immediately ushered to be welcome officially to VI by inspecting the school cadet Guard of Honour and with the VICC band playing the welcome theme in the background.



In her speech which was delivered in the trademark “straight-talking-no-nonsense” style, she reminded students to do their best not just in the academia but also to become an all round achiever. Parents were also told to not leave the education of their children to the teachers and all should take an active part in educating the child. Teachers were told to do their best and ensure that discipline be maintained at all times. Values were important and must be impressed upon the students when they are still young.


Awards were then presented to the best performers in various categories and shining examples were 3 students, namely Yow Chun Hong (Best Performance STPM); Muhammad Rizwan Bin Annuar (Best All-Round Performance) and Muhammad Masrur Bin Mohd Jamil (Best Student – Special Programme) 

Tokens of appreciation were also presented to teachers who ensured VI made the most remarkable improvement to the overall school grades.


The event ended with 2 performances from a Victorian balladeer and the VICC Band and a rendition of the school song entirely in Bahasa Malaysia. 

Thank you Tan Sri Rafidah for making it a memorable Speech Day!

Tribute to Dato’ Jaffar Indot

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I received sad news that eminent Victorian, Dato’ Jaffar Indot passed away yesterday. This is indeed a sad day for Victorians and all of us who knew him. Dato’ Jaffar was in VI from 1947-1951 where he completed his secondary education. In an interview with the Seladang he said the most important lesson he learned from his days in VI was honesty and integrity, and a strong belief in fairness and a high sense of values. Above all, to respect each other’s religious beliefs.


Dato Jaffar was the Chairman of the VIOBA Foundation and under his guidance the funds grew to a healthy RM3million. The proceeds from the fund are still being used to support VI and students today. He was awarded the recognition as Victorian of the Year 2009 and in his tribute, Dato’ Dr. RS McCoy described Dato Jaffar as "a fine product of the Victoria Institution and an education system that aimed at high academic standards and inculcated a value system that embraced diversity, tolerance, compassion, personal responsibility, discipline, respect, trustworthiness and communal solidarity."

On behalf of Victorians, we send our heartfelt condolences to Datin Patricia and family, and may Dato’ Jaffar rest in peace.


KC Kwek – President

VI Rugby Premier 10s

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It is a game for ruffians played by gentlemen……Come support the VI Team on April 5-6, 2014 at the VI Greens, entrance is FREE!

VI Rugby
Counting the days: (From left) Tournament director Mohd Fauzi Mohd Yusof, VIOBA & VIOBA Foundation representative Farizuddin Aman, VI Rugby Team chief adviser Abdul Azim Othman, Mohd Talha and VIOBA (Sports Governance ) Nik Sidek Nik Jaafar at the launch of the Victoria Institution Premier 10s 2014 rugby tournament.