VI Rugby Premier 10s

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It is a game for ruffians played by gentlemen……Come support the VI Team on April 5-6, 2014 at the VI Greens, entrance is FREE!

VI Rugby
Counting the days: (From left) Tournament director Mohd Fauzi Mohd Yusof, VIOBA & VIOBA Foundation representative Farizuddin Aman, VI Rugby Team chief adviser Abdul Azim Othman, Mohd Talha and VIOBA (Sports Governance ) Nik Sidek Nik Jaafar at the launch of the Victoria Institution Premier 10s 2014 rugby tournament.


30th Anniversary of VI Batch 1984

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VI Batch 1984 (Form Five) is having its 30th anniversary gathering on the 26th April 2014 at the VIOBA Clubhouse from 2-5pm. Over 30 guys have signed up, entrance fee of RM100 to be paid to the account of Azmi A. Rahim (Maybank 16468 7066 815). Please whatsapp/sms Azmi at 012 268 7060 once you have banked in to confirm receipt. Money will be used to cover food and limited edition souvenirs. Come, meet and touch base with your old classmates!


VIOBA Annual Dinner 2014

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Our ref: VIOBA/Sec/Annual_Dinner_Competition2014

13th March, 2014

To all Victorians and Old Boys,


(1)  VIOBA ANNUAL DINNERS 2014-2018 Leading up to the 125TH ANNIVERSARY of the Victoria Institution

(2)  VIOBA Annual Dinner Competition 2014 – “Defining a VICTORIAN”

VIOBA Annual Dinner 2014

The VIOBA Annual Dinner 2014 is scheduled for:-

Date  :  Saturday, 23rd August 2014

Time  :  7:00 pm

Venue  :  Royale Chulan Hotel, Mutiara Damansara

Attire  :  Formal

Price  :  Please see the list of the Packages and Table Prices set out in the Appendix.

The VIOBA Management Committee for 2013/2015 intends to honour the concept of what is a Victorian and the Victorians who have contributed to the success of the School over a 5 year period as set out below.

In this 5 year plan, the VIOBA Annual Dinners 2014-2018 will celebrate, among others, Victorian Sportsmen, Victorian Scholars and Victorian Corporate Figures. This will culminate in the celebration of the “Victorian: Gentleman, Scholar & Sportsman” and the 125th Anniversary of VI at the VIOBA Annual Dinner 2018.

The themes for the Annual Dinners 2014 – 2018 are as follows:


For the 125th Anniversary Grand Celebration, VIOBA plans and will endeavor to bring together all the descendants of our Founders and the descendants of Queen Victoria herself to attend our Gala event. What a night it will be!

We hope that this will reflect the vision of our founding members of bridging relationships amongst Old Boys across batches, generations, backgrounds and lands for a united effort to raise the VI flag to new heights. We believe that the Annual Dinner every year will also be a night to revisit cherished memories, reconnect with old friends, forge connections and foster new friendships. Each event will culminate in a toast to a better future together!


The Competition: “Defining a VICTORIAN”

In conjunction with the VIOBA Annual Dinner 2014 and as a build-up to the 125th Anniversary of VI at the VIOBA Annual Dinner 2018, the VIOBA MC will be running a competition to pick the best  phrase or words to describe a “VICTORIAN” as set out below.

The terms and conditions for the Competition are as follows:-

(i) The Winner of the Competition shall win 1 table (10 pax) at the VIOBA Annual Dinner 2014 (Value: RM3,000.00); 

(ii) The Competition is open to all Victorians i.e. Present Boys and Old Boys wherein entries may be made as a group entry or as an individual entry. There is no limit to the amount of members per group;

(iii) VIOBA MC and VIOBA Foundation Committee Members are strictly ineligible to participate;

(iv)  The Competition’s Explanatory Notes are as follows:-

a.  The Competition seeks to pick the best words that best describes the word “VICTORIAN”;

b.     Each entry must have 9 words;

c.    Each word must begin with an alphabet that makes up the word “VICTORIAN” i.e. V-I-C-T-O-R-I-A-N;

d.     Purely as an example:  

“V”  –  Valuable;

“I”  –  Independent;

“C”  –  Charismatic.                                                

(v)   The Competition date begins as of the date of this letter;

(vi)  All entries must be submitted to the VIOBA Secretariat via email at the following email address: on or before 1st June 2014;

(vii)    On 2nd June 2014, the VIOBA MC shall post all entries onto the “VIOBA Annual Dinner 2014 – “Defining a Victorian”” facebook page at (“the Facebook Page”);

(viii)   By the end of business on 30th June 2014, the top-3 entries with the most number of LIKES on the Facebook Page shall be selected by the VIOBA MC to a special gathering at the VIOBA Clubhouse wherein each participant / team respectively shall provide a presentation with regards to their entries which shall include, among others, the rationale behind each choice of word and why their entry should be picked as the best entry that best describes the word “VICTORIAN”;

(ix)    Thereafter, the VIOBA MC shall decide the winner by open ballot wherein the decision of the VIOBA MC shall be final;

(x)     The Winning Entry shall be displayed prominently at the VIOBA Annual Dinners 2014 – 2018 including but not limited to all literature whether electronic or otherwise preceding or subsequent to the VIOBA Annual Dinners.


Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact our Organising Chairman, Mr. K. Ganes at 012-278-2780 (e-mail:, Encik Zainal Abidin Hashim at 018-580-8869 or e-mail the VIOBA Secretariat at


Yours faithfully,


Vince Chong Khin Young

Hon. Secretary, VIOBA

Batch 2003







PLATINUM PACKAGE – RM 100,000.00 Package (Value: RM150,000.00)

(i)  1 VVIP TABLE for 10 persons every year for the next 5 annual dinners (Value: RM100,000) and access to the VIP Holding Room;

(ii)  RM20,000 Donation made in your name to VIOBA Foundation as a special 125th Anniversary celebration fund (Tax exempted);

(iii)  1 Free flight (4 persons) to all VIOBA / VIOBA Foundation Golf events for the next 5 years (Value: RM10,000);

(iv)  1 bespoke VIOBA Blazer with crest (Value: RM5,000);

(v)  A full page colour advert in VIOBA program books for all VIOBA Dinners for the next 5 years (Value: RM15,000); and

(vi)  A special mention in the VIOBA webpage for the next 5 years.


GOLD PACKAGE – RM 75,000.00 Package (Value: RM 105,000.00)

(i)  1 VIP TABLE for 10 persons every year for the next 5 annual dinners (Value: RM75,000);

(ii)  RM10,000 Donation made in your name to VIOBA Foundation as a special 125th Anniversary celebration fund (Tax exempted);

(iii)  1 Free flight (4 persons) to all VIOBA / VIOBA Foundation Golf events for the next 3 years (Value: RM6,000);

(iv)  1 bespoke VIOBA Blazer with crest (Value: RM5,000);

(v)  A full colour page advert in VIOBA program books for the next 3 Annual Dinners (Value: RM9,000); and

(vi)  A special mention in the VIOBA webpage for the next 3 years.


SILVER PACKAGE – RM 50,000.00 Package (Value: RM58,000.00)

(i)  1 TABLE FOR 10 persons every year for the next 5 annual dinners (Value: RM40,000);

(ii)  RM5,000 Donation made in your name to VIOBA Foundation as a special 125th Anniversary celebration fund (Tax exempted);

(iii)  1 Free flight (4 persons) to all VIOBA / VIOBA Foundation Golf events for the next 1 year (Value: RM2,000);

(iv)  1 bespoke VIOBA Blazer with crest (Value: RM5,000);

(v)  A full colour page advert in VIOBA program books for the next 2 Annual Dinners (Value: RM6,000); and

(vi)  A special mention in the VIOBA webpage for one year.






(i)   RM 5,000.00 TABLE:

Inclusive of 1 colour page advert in the Program Book + 10 Door Gifts

(ii)   RM 3,000.00 TABLE:

Inclusive of ½ colour page advert in the Program Book + 10 Door Gifts

(iii)   RM 2,500.00 TABLE:

10 Door Gifts



(i)   Back Cover (Outside) – RM 10,000.00:

Inclusive of 1 x RM 2,500.00 Table + 10 Door Gifts 

(ii)   Front / Back Cover (Inside) – RM 8,000.00:

Inclusive of 1 x RM2,500.00 Table + 10 Door Gifts

(iii)   Run of Page (Full Page) – RM 1,500.00.

VIOBA vs St. John’s Old Boys Hockey Match

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Hi Everyone, there will be a hockey match between the VIOBA and the St. John’s old boys teams at the KLHA Stadium Lembah Pantai, KL on Thursday 13 Feb at 8.30pm. Come support the VIOBA team as we need to win this and the next match to be the top 2 teams in Division 3 and qualify for the finals. The immediate past President, Amrul Zeflin has promised to score a few goals and will throw us a party later! And yes Victorians, admission is FREE! Come one come ALL!

Oh when the blues, oh when the blues go marching in……..


Best Regards,


KC Kwek




Gangsterism in VI

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There is a letter to the Editor published in the Star today, February 4, 2014 written by the PTA Yang Di Pertua, Datuk Dr. Nik Zamri Majid relating to gangsterism in VI.


Let me be clear here. VIOBA does not condone such acts of indiscipline and condemns in the strongest manner possible, the behavior of such students. They bring shame to the school and all of us who are proud to be Victorians.


I wish to reiterate VIOBA’s support to the school and PTA in doing what is necessary to protect the good name of the Victoria Institution and the safety of our fellow Victorians.



KC Kwek


2013 – 2015


Happy Chinese New Year 2014

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On behalf of the Management Committee, I would like to wish everyone a very happy Chinese New Year! May the Horse bring you and your loved ones much happiness, good fortunes and good health all year round. Those traveling to balik kampong or on holidays should drive safely and take extra care. All my best wishes for the year, GONG XI FA CAI!


KC Kwek

Happy New Year 2014

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 I take this opportunity on behalf of VIOBA to wish members, Victorians and family all the best in 2014. I am expecting an exciting start to 2014 with a special luncheon organised by the Board of Governors in January to kick off the plans for the school and VIOBA. In VIOBA’s calendar there will be the Perdana Shield Golf Tournament in the 1st quarter, Mokhtar Dahari Challenge in May, our AGM in June and Annual Dinner in August 2014.

The Management Committee is working hard on improving services to our members. One of our latest achievement is the ability to utilize the school field  again for our games. There will be a minimal charge for the usage, details can be requested from the Hon. Secretary ( and also Nik Sidek ( and Muthu (  who are in charge of the sport activities. Rules do apply as it remains a privilege for VIOBA members only.

 Let’s work towards a successful year in 2014!


Best wishes,

KC Kwek

VIOBA Foundation

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VIOBA Scholarship

How many Victorians are aware we have a VIOBA Foundation that supports the school and Victorians in general through scholarships and other expenses? Do you know it has a tax exempt status? This means donors will enjoy tax relief for the amount donated!

Many Victorians have created funds (kept in Fixed Deposits) of which interests are then utilised to support the school and Victorians. Currently VIOBA Foundation has close to RM3 million which generates about RM90,000 a year which is then used to support the scholarships and expenses.


While RM90,000 is a lot of money, it is still insufficient compared to the demands placed on the Foundation. They are very strict about the application of the funds and operate on very tight rules. I must say they have been doing a great job thus far.

Since the new school year is starting soon, VIOBA Foundation is assisting some poorer students with purchases of uniforms and books as well as providing monthly financial assistance through its “Adopt a Brother” scheme. It is hard to imagine but I assure you that there are some Victorians now that do not have money to eat or take public transport to attend school!

As always we look towards well-wishers providing support to Foundation so that we in turn could support the school and Victorians. Those wishing to assist can contact Foundation Honorary Secretary En. Akram  at or Honorary Treasurer En. Nik Sidek at or VIOBA Honorary Secretary En. Zainal Abidin at for more information. All donations will be provided with a tax exempt receipt and no amount is too small!

Even if you cannot donate, spread the word out as donations can come from all sources. Thank you for your support.



VIOBA Annual Golf Tournament 2013 Report

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It was an early start for the organizing committee with many getting into the club even before the staff! Banners and VIOBA flags were hoisted up and as daylight penetrated the darkness, it was clear that it will be a good day for golfing, as the weather will be similar to that of St. Andrews, gray skies and moody all round! However soil and fairway conditions were soggy.

About 60 Victorian Golfers participated for the annual VIOBA Golfing Tournament held at the Danau Golf Club on the 1st of Dec, 2013, with guests from DBKL and PIBG. Tee off was at sharp 8am with a Group picture taking session and then we were off with a gun-shot start!


It was pretty rough going, the wet soil conditions meant the greens were slow and not so easy to find. Many a balls went astray and played hide and seek with the golfers. Even the sweet young caddies were not able to help. Trudging up and down the fairway seemed to be par for this course.

This however did not deter many Victorians who were made of sturdier stuff. Battling the course and conditions, they soon got the hang of it and the number of shots were coming down fast, either through improving skills or excellent mathematical skills!

At the end of the 18th hole, golfers made it back to the clubhouse, battered but certainly not defeated. The prizes were awarded after a simple lunch which was devoured by hungry participants.

The champion this time around was Johan Aly (Batch 88) who received a very nice golf driver worth RM1500 for his win from YBhg. Datuk Ali Kadir.


The winner of the grand prize Luck Draw, which were 2 business class return tickets, worth RM6,000 was Zairil who then nominated Johan Aly to accompany him. They received their prizes from YBhg. Dato Dr. Nik, the Yang DiPertua PIBG, Victoria Institution.


Finally Datuk Ali Kadir presented a cheque of RM10,000 to the VIOBA Foundation in honour of the late Dato Azhar Hashim. The funds from this donation would be used to set up the Dato Azhar Hashim scholarship for deserving Victorians. President of VIOBA received the cheque on behalf of the Foundation.


The event ended with a note of thanks to the organizing committee, sponsors, member and guests who have helped and participated in making the event a success.