Happy Chinese New Year 2014


On behalf of the Management Committee, I would like to wish everyone a very happy Chinese New Year! May the Horse bring you and your loved ones much happiness, good fortunes and good health all year round. Those traveling to balik kampong or on holidays should drive safely and take extra care. All my best wishes for the year, GONG XI FA CAI!


KC Kwek

Happy New Year 2014


 I take this opportunity on behalf of VIOBA to wish members, Victorians and family all the best in 2014. I am expecting an exciting start to 2014 with a special luncheon organised by the Board of Governors in January to kick off the plans for the school and VIOBA. In VIOBA’s calendar there will be the Perdana Shield Golf Tournament in the 1st quarter, Mokhtar Dahari Challenge in May, our AGM in June and Annual Dinner in August 2014.

The Management Committee is working hard on improving services to our members. One of our latest achievement is the ability to utilize the school field  again for our games. There will be a minimal charge for the usage, details can be requested from the Hon. Secretary (vioba.secretary@gmail.com) and also Nik Sidek (jaffarmohdsidek16@gmail.com) and Muthu (mveerapen@gmail.com)  who are in charge of the sport activities. Rules do apply as it remains a privilege for VIOBA members only.

 Let’s work towards a successful year in 2014!


Best wishes,

KC Kwek

VIOBA Foundation

VIOBA Scholarship

How many Victorians are aware we have a VIOBA Foundation that supports the school and Victorians in general through scholarships and other expenses? Do you know it has a tax exempt status? This means donors will enjoy tax relief for the amount donated!

Many Victorians have created funds (kept in Fixed Deposits) of which interests are then utilised to support the school and Victorians. Currently VIOBA Foundation has close to RM3 million which generates about RM90,000 a year which is then used to support the scholarships and expenses.


While RM90,000 is a lot of money, it is still insufficient compared to the demands placed on the Foundation. They are very strict about the application of the funds and operate on very tight rules. I must say they have been doing a great job thus far.

Since the new school year is starting soon, VIOBA Foundation is assisting some poorer students with purchases of uniforms and books as well as providing monthly financial assistance through its “Adopt a Brother” scheme. It is hard to imagine but I assure you that there are some Victorians now that do not have money to eat or take public transport to attend school!

As always we look towards well-wishers providing support to Foundation so that we in turn could support the school and Victorians. Those wishing to assist can contact Foundation Honorary Secretary En. Akram  at akramohd@gmail.com or Honorary Treasurer En. Nik Sidek at jaffarmohdsidek16@gmail.com or VIOBA Honorary Secretary En. Zainal Abidin at vioba.secretary@gmail.com for more information. All donations will be provided with a tax exempt receipt and no amount is too small!

Even if you cannot donate, spread the word out as donations can come from all sources. Thank you for your support.



VIOBA Annual Golf Tournament 2013 Report

It was an early start for the organizing committee with many getting into the club even before the staff! Banners and VIOBA flags were hoisted up and as daylight penetrated the darkness, it was clear that it will be a good day for golfing, as the weather will be similar to that of St. Andrews, gray skies and moody all round! However soil and fairway conditions were soggy.

About 60 Victorian Golfers participated for the annual VIOBA Golfing Tournament held at the Danau Golf Club on the 1st of Dec, 2013, with guests from DBKL and PIBG. Tee off was at sharp 8am with a Group picture taking session and then we were off with a gun-shot start!


It was pretty rough going, the wet soil conditions meant the greens were slow and not so easy to find. Many a balls went astray and played hide and seek with the golfers. Even the sweet young caddies were not able to help. Trudging up and down the fairway seemed to be par for this course.

This however did not deter many Victorians who were made of sturdier stuff. Battling the course and conditions, they soon got the hang of it and the number of shots were coming down fast, either through improving skills or excellent mathematical skills!

At the end of the 18th hole, golfers made it back to the clubhouse, battered but certainly not defeated. The prizes were awarded after a simple lunch which was devoured by hungry participants.

The champion this time around was Johan Aly (Batch 88) who received a very nice golf driver worth RM1500 for his win from YBhg. Datuk Ali Kadir.


The winner of the grand prize Luck Draw, which were 2 business class return tickets, worth RM6,000 was Zairil who then nominated Johan Aly to accompany him. They received their prizes from YBhg. Dato Dr. Nik, the Yang DiPertua PIBG, Victoria Institution.


Finally Datuk Ali Kadir presented a cheque of RM10,000 to the VIOBA Foundation in honour of the late Dato Azhar Hashim. The funds from this donation would be used to set up the Dato Azhar Hashim scholarship for deserving Victorians. President of VIOBA received the cheque on behalf of the Foundation.


The event ended with a note of thanks to the organizing committee, sponsors, member and guests who have helped and participated in making the event a success.




VIOBA Welcome Note

Hello Everyone,

This is my first message to you as the new President of VIOBA since the AGM held on 20 May 2017. KC Kwek decided not to run for re-election as President, however the majority of the MC were re-elected unopposed to carry out the long then plans that were formulated earlier on. Thank you KC for two terms of hard work and efforts for the OBA and our fellow brothers in VI.

What are the plans of the MC?

Our immediate plans are as follows:

1. Continuity of policies of previous MC in supporting sporting events:

– Emphasis on rugby and football;
– Athletics like cross-country;
– Daniel Shield and Mokhtar Dahari

2. Continuity of the VIOBA series of dinners

2017 – Honouring the Corporate Victorian to be held on 12 August 2017 at TPC Golf & Country Club (formerly known as KLGCC) – Tickets are on sale now!!

2018 – Honouring the Victorian – Scholar, Sportsman & Gentleman
Assisting VI in celebrating its 125th Anniversary (this is a VI event)

3. Mentoring students of VI with the active cooperation of former students and school administration. This will be done in conjunction with VIOBA Foundation and the PIBG.

4. Strengthening the relationship with VI diaspora overseas many of whom are willing to give back to the school.

5. Any other activities that are suggested by members that will benefit the students and school as a whole.

I am contactable at kzaman.vioba@gmail.com for any feedback, suggestions etc. from anyone who is interested in the wellbeing of our Association, our younger brothers and the school.

Last but not least, on behalf of the MC, I would like to wish all our Muslim brothers “Selamat Berpuasa dan Menjalankan Ibadah di Bulan Ramadan”.



The VIOBA Golf Tournament 2013


The VIOBA Golf Tournament is a yearly event that pitches all Victorian Old Boys in a good old-fashioned golf tournament over 18 holes of golf in one of Malaysia’s most aesthetic looking golf courses, Danau Golf Club at Bangi. Not only does the Tournament promote healthy sportmanship among Old Boys, but it facilitates networking, brotherhood, re-acquantaince with the School and a chance to thrash it out, once again, at a golfing course. 


This year, the VIOBA Golf Tournament 2013 is no exception! Open to the public to spectate, the Tournament will include, not only the Old Boys, but also participants from PIBG VI, the School as well as VVIPs participants.


The Tournament is scheduled to take place on:-


TIME:              1.12.2013, Sunday

VENUE:          DANAU Golf Club, Bangi

TEE TIME:   8.00 a.m. Tee Time

FEE:                   RM 250.00 per player


The Registration Form may be found attached below together with the Tournament Annoucement from VIOBA. 


Note: In the Registration Form, if you pre-selected foursome, please list down your team members. If not, we will be glad to pair you up with a great team.


For more information: please contact the Tournament Committee:-


  1. Nik Sidek: 012-2901969 or jaffarmohdsidek16@gmail.com
  2. Muthu Kannu: 012-2673100 or mveerapen@hotmail.com
  3. Mohd Talha: 019-6409877




Notwithstanding the above, the Tournament is also designed to close the gap between VIOBA, the School, the Old Boys, and those who have helped and assisted VIOBA and the School and continue to do so. The Tournament also has a fund raising objective for the School.


The other objective of the Tournament is to select Golfers to represent VIOBA in the Quadrangular Golf Championship and in the Perdana Shield


Details of the Quadrangular Golf Championship are as follows:-


Date:     8.12.2013 (Sunday)

Venue: Impiana Golf & Country Club, Kajang


Details of the Perdana Shield are as follows:-


Date:     Tentatively 2nd weekend of January 2014

Venue: TBA




The VIOBA Management Committee together with the Tournament Committee would be obliged if you could support / sponsor the Tournament in the following ways:-


  1. VIP Flight Sponsorship (play with the KL Mayor & Other VVIPs) @ RM 2500.00;
  2. Flight Sponsor / Individual Golfer @ RM1500.00 / RM 300.00;
  3. Cash Donations (any amount)


We would be further obliged if anyone is interested in providing golfer goodie bags or any individual item(s) to be included into the same. To give you an idea, we have had tees, pens, shirts, face towels in the past. 


For more information: please contact Zainal @ vioba.secretary@gmail.com by Monday, 18.11.2013. 


For further information, please refer to the Tournament Announcement attached below. 


See you at the Tournament. 


Follow us on Twitter at @VIOBAMC or at Facebook at "Victoria Institution Old Boys Association" for the latest updates on the Tournament


Annual Games Victoria Institution vs Malay College Kuala Kangsar

VI Greens, October 12, 2013

The event started with the arrival of the Guest of Honour, Tuan Rosli representing Yayasan Selangor which sponsors students at both VI and MCKK. All stood at attention as we sang Negara Ku, followed by the MCKK and VI school songs respectively.

The first game was between the under 13s and as the boys trooped in, the Victorians started singing their battle hymns to cheer their team on. VI played aggressively and was soon reaping rewards with a successful try and conversion. VI leads 7-0 going into half time. The second half saw the MCKK boys using the flanks to spread the VI defence and they were successful in getting 2 tries but the extra points were not converted, MCKK leads 10-7. The match then see-sawed with MCKK leading well into the final minutes when VI launched a counter attack that brought everyone to their feet, they were inches away from stealing victory but errors in ball handling caused them the match. Final whistle blows, first blood drawn to MCKK!
The second game was between the under 16s. MCKK started with their Maori “haka” with the Victorians eyeballing them….closely. Tension was certainly in the air. The first attempt at getting some points on the board went to VI, when a penalty was awarded 10 metres from the half line. VI attempted a penalty conversion but failed. The games continued now with MCKK probing the flanks and successfully scoring the first try. The subsequent kick was good, 7-0 to MCKK. The inability of Victorians to handle the ball well and with the speed of the MCKK wingers leads to another try, no successful conversion this time. VI goes to halftime 12 points behind.
The second half started under rainy conditions, MCKK had the strategy of exposing VI on the flanks and capitalised on their superior handling of the slick ball. They scored 3 more tries with a conversion and led the game 29-0. VI now had to battle for pride and had possession 25 metres in the MCKK half. A penalty is awarded moments before the horn blew and VI kicked for points, finally 3 points on the board for the battling and bruised Victorians. MCKK were deserved winners, playing to their strengths and utilising the speedy wingers to score tries.
It is remarkable that VI and MCKK were evenly matched for the under 13’s but the MCKK under 16’s were a stronger team, with good tactics and better coordinated attacks. Perhaps in the final analysis, the boys from the north, having stayed, played and studied together displayed cohesiveness that gave them the edge. VI players were not bad, just outplayed. It is time for VI to rethink its strategy on rugby development for their teams.

Rugby Show-down 2013 : VI vs MCKK

Please take note that there will be an Annual Rugby Show-down between VI and MCKK. It happens every year and a highlight to Present Boys’ Calendar. This year it will be on:

  •  Date: Saturday (12 October 2013) -> This Saturday
  • Time: 09:00 a.m.
  • Venue: VI Greens

The MCKK Old Boys will be there in droves to support MCKK. Lets give our Present Boys a BOOST by cheering them on. 


See you there. Its open to public.

Daniel Shield Games 2013

 Final Scores:

  • Water Polo: Old Boys 13 – 5 Present 
  • Basketball: Old Boys 54 – 35 Present Boys 
  • Rugby: Old Boys 43 – 19 Present Boys
  • Football: Old Boys 3 – 5 Present 
  • Chess: Old Boys 4 – 0 Present Boys

VIOBA thanks Dato’ Tan Chin Nam for representing the old boys’ team in chess where he scored a victory for us. He also very graciously donated 6 sets of chess and timer sets to the VI Chess Club. I must also record my appreciation to the Headmaster, Tuan Pengetua Maslan Buniran for his support and for briefing the VIOBA on his plans for the school in the years ahead. VIOBA will support him wherever possible. Thank you also to Tan Sri M. Jegathesan, Dato Zainal Abidin Ali, Dato Yusli and other Victorians for attending the prize presentation.

Last but not least, many thanks to the organising committees on the VIOBA and the School. It would not have happen without you. I am much obliged.



For those interested, please note that VIOBA Hockey sessions will commence on Wednesday, 15th May 2013, at 8.00pm, at Pantai Stadium, Kuala Lumpur.
We welcome new players to join us for social hockey / training sessions, in preparation for the KLHA League 2013.
For further information, please contact Christopher at Christopher.Lim@my.ey.com